As the minutes pass, the warm up should turn into a discovery for deeper information. Discovery is a lot like the warm up except now we're looking for something. We're like a miner looking for gold or some other valuable mineral.

Now is the time to fill out your survey sheet. The survey sheet should ask questions about the clients holiday habits, how they book their holidays, and their cost per night.

Holiday Habits: What are the habits they have when they go on holiday? Do they take one week a year? Do they go two weeks a year? Do they go one week every two years? Do they take separate vacations? Do they take family or friends? Do they belong to a group they travel with every year? Is there anyone they have to talk to before they can purchase? Do they holiday domestically? Do they go abroad? Do they go to the same place every year? Do they like the beach? Do they like the mountains? Do they like Cities? What do they do when they're on holiday? Do they play tennis or golf? Go skiing? Go boating? Go sightseeing? etc...

How they Book: How do they book their holidays? Do they use a travel agent? Do they go online and do it themselves? Do they have friends or relatives book it for them? How do they pay for it? Do they use a credit card they pay back during the following year? Do they use their bank card? Do they use cash?

Cost per night: How much do they normally spend per night in a hotel room? Hotel costs go up every year especially if you go abroad. If they tell you a very low price such as 300RMB per night, they are either staying in one star hotels in China or it has been a very long time since they've been on holiday.

If they use a travel agent, they might tell you they don’t know what their cost per night is. If they tell you this, here is a simple formula that can give you the cost they spend per night on their holidays.

If a travel agent charges the client 1350USD per person and two people go, they will spend 2700USD for the holiday.

Usually 40-45% of that cost would go for airfare so that would about $1,150

35-40% will go to their hotel room $900.

15-25% will go for food, the guide and profit, in this case equaling $550

The cost of the hotel room is divided by the amount of nights they stay. In this case is 7 nights is how long we will stay.  Their cost per night would be $130 per night.






Where have your vacations taken you?



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Meet Chinese Girls


If they give you a number lower than this, its important to guide them. Get them to agree to at least $100 per night or more. These are the numbers we use for the financial logic you will see later.

When filling out the survey sheet it is important you fill it out. DO NOT turn the sheet around and ask them to fill it out. A good salesperson will memorize the information found on the sheet and ask them the questions in a friendly conversational manner. After finding the information he will pull out the survey sheet, explain this is part of his job and start filling it out. You told me you would like to go to (the places they have stated they want to go) is that right? Continue filling in the rest of the questions while asking them to confirm what you said is right. This builds trust as you have proven they are important enough for you to take the time to listen to and remember the things they told you.

After you finish the survey sheet, carry on with your discovery. Look for a travel problem, uncover an objection and probe for the Dominate buying motive.

Travel Problem: Hopefully they come into the presentation with a travel problem. Maybe they have never traveled before. Maybe they have used a travel agent and they didn't have a good experience. Maybe someone else books their holidays and they have to go where the people who booked their holiday want to go.  Maybe they want to start going by themselves. Maybe they're tired of staying in hotel rooms. Maybe they're tired of the time it takes for them to do it by themselves on the internet, or maybe they have a problem that is personal to them. Whatever the problem is, now is the time to uncover it. If they don’t have a travel problem we will create one for them later in the presentation.

Objection: Hopefully during the warm up they will present you with an objection. Maybe they've heard about holiday ownership before and they don’t want to go to the same place every year. Maybe they feel they want to continue the way they holiday now. Whatever the objection may be during the warm up, don’t overcome it. It's good information for later on and it will tell you one of the ways to sell them.



Dominate Buying Motive: Every guest that comes through our door has a reason they will buy. Your purpose in the discovery is to find this reason. I have found that the easiest way to find the dominate buying motive is to simply ask them. When I was a sales rep, my favorite question was “At this point in your life, what's the most important thing to you?’

The answer to that question will tell me exactly how to sell you. If you tell me it’s your kids, I'll tell you how holidaying like this will be the greatest and cheapest education you could give them. By becoming an owner you will give them a step above other children their age.

If you’re a single male and having a girlfriend is the most important thing to you, I'll explain how having a condo in Mexico or the Bahamas will could put you above others looking for her affection. I might also explain how visiting Thailand, the Philippines or pretty much anywhere in Asia could help with the loneliness.   Get the idea?

Dominate Buying Motives could be: Wanting to own things better than others. Children, family, parents, making money,  and doing better in work. The love and affection of another, fear of losing something or the opportunity to gain something. A sick loved one they want to show the world to and have good memories about before they pass. They can also be many other things.  How many more Dominate Buying Motives can you add to the list?

Listen carefully to everything the clients tell you. This information is very useful for the steps later. You must find the useful information, store it, and use it in later steps. Use this information to form a picture of their life, including the past, present and the Future. Pay careful attention to the answers they give you. You must build their confidence and trust carefully and step by step.

Nearly every major mistake in a sales presentation can be traced back to the warm up and discovery.

You have approximately 30 minutes to do the warm up and discovery. Nothing else should be on your table at this time. Warm up and discovery should continue throughout the entire presentation.

Talk to both the husband and the wife.

Let the clients finish their thoughts and speaking

Ask “What does that mean to you?”

Listen, Listen, Listen







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