Timeshare Exchange Companies

There are many choices when its time to exchange your week:

Resort Condominiums International
(RCI) - is the largest timeshare exchange company with an impressive 5300 timeshare resorts in over 100 countries, and a member base exceeding four million.

The Registry Collection - A branch of RCI catering to high end timeshare clients and fractionals.

Interval International (II) - is the second largest timeshare exchange company and has over 2200 resorts in over 75 countries with a member base over two million.

Dial an Exchange - Asia Pacific - founded in Australia in 1997.  Very popular exchange company in Asia.  Gives RCI and II members another platform to exchange through. Also has some of its own resorts for exchange. 

Trading Places International - Ranks third worldwide in independent vacation exchanges confirmed annually. anages owners associations and resorts in Hawaii, mainland USA and Mexico.

 The San Francisco exchange company - Founded in 1992 with a current member base of 100,000.

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in Hawaii:

Trading Places Maui

Hawaii Time Share Exchange

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