When the guests arrive, they will be seated in the waiting area and assigned to an available sales representitive. When you introduce yourself, have a smile on your face and love and compassion in your heart. Be the sunshine of their lives. Make a good first impression. Our guests want to do business with an industry professional. They notice everything about us. From the way we dress to the way we shake their hands, and especially to the way we present ourselves. They see you as a reflection of the company, and what they can expect after they become a member. Remember, you only get one chance to make a good first impression.

Find something to like about the guest. All too often we are fixated on trying to get our guests to like us. In reality, if we like them first they will, in return, like us. Find something to truly like about the guest and sincerely compliment them on it. Remember, from the moment we greet our guests, we're beginning the relationship building process that carries us through the presentation.

Never pre-judge. One of the biggest reasons sales reps fail in this business is because they pre-judge. They believe the guest won't be able to afford the product we sell. No one can tell who is going to buy and who isn’t and neither can you. If you could, many companies would pay you a huge salary to tell them who the buyers are. Think of the money a company could save on gifts, wages, etc. if they could only talk to the people they knew were going to buy.

When I first started in this business, I had a very hard time selling. I had no life or travel experiences, was eighteen, and was a very long way from home. In fact, I had worked for this, my first timeshare company a few months and was learning how to sell, I just couldn't sell a deal of my own. I was ready to quit! I was lonely; a little scared, out of money, and I feared I would never be able to understand this job or how to sell someone.

My name came over the loud speaker to pick up a client as I was sitting in the office rehearsing the resignation speech I was going to give my boss. This is the last one, I thought to myself. If I don’t sell this one, I'll talk to the boss, and be back with my friends and family by tomorrow afternoon.






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When I walked into the waiting room, I saw a young black man sitting by himself. He had on old, dirty blue jeans that had holes in the knees, wore a dirty white t-shirt and smelled of fish. Well this will be easy; I thought still rehearsing the resignation speech in my mind. I won’t even have to do my sales presentation because he'll never be able to buy.  I had made my decision.

I greeted him and took him to my sales table. He apologized for his appearance and explained he was a fisherman that had been at sea for the last three months. He had literally just gotten off the boat when the marketing team spoke to him and he hadn’t a chance to clean himself up. No problem I told him, today was going to be my last day anyway so it didn’t really matter. We talked for a couple of hours without me telling him much about the product and time seemed to go by fast. We had a lot in common and he was a pretty cool guy so my day hadn't been completely wasted. I had made a new friend.

I told him he had given us the time required to receive his gift.  I would get it for him now, or he could stay and talk to me until my boss got out of his meeting. He looked at me half surprised and said. What if I wanted to buy a week from you? He explained he was engaged to be married. When he got home, he wanted to give his bride a honeymoon every year for the rest of their lives.

I explained the cost of a week would be about 8,000 dollars. He reached into a bag he had been carrying, pulled out a stack of money and smiled. I think this is about that amount, He said. My mouth probably dropped open and I’m sure he could see the surprise in my face. I had made my first sale and my career in this industry would continue, traveling me around the world and giving me a wonderful life. All because of a man I believed would never be able to buy anything!

I could tell you hundreds of stories like this that have happened either to me or to other sales people I have met during my long career in this business. Sometimes, the ones you think won't buy will, and the ones you think will buy won’t. NEVER PREJUDGE YOUR CLIENTS!

When you introduce yourself to your guests, you should politely introduce yourself and shake their hands with a firm handshake. If you’re a man, shake hands with the man first. If you’re a woman, shake the woman’s hand first. Lead them to your sales table and take control of them by telling them where to sit. As is the case in any relationship, control is always taken in the beginning. The person who gains control in the beginning will normally stay in control until the end of the relationship. You can gain control for something as short as two or three hours by simply telling them which chairs to sit in. The more control you take in the beginning, the better your chance they will not leave the presentation early, talk, play games on their cell phones, etc.

For the customer to like the sales person, the sales person must first like the customer.

If the customer likes the sales person, they will listen to what the sales person has to say.

If the customer listens to the sales person, they will believe the sales person.

If the customer believes the sales person, they will buy.




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