Like an Athlete getting ready for a big game, the pre-tour is the ritual a great sales person performs every time he or she prepares to take a client. Use the restroom before you meet your guests for the first time. You are not allowed to leave your guests after you meet them so do it now. Brush your teeth and eliminate food particles left over from your lunch or breakfast. Make sure your breath is clean and fresh. No one wants to sit for two hours looking at a piece of lettuce in your teeth or smelling the garlic you ate earlier.

Dress for success. No one would give a large amount of money to a bum in the streets no matter how great the product was that he or she was selling. Take pride in your dress and look successful. Everyone wants to do business with someone that is successful no matter what their age may be. Look in the mirror. Would you spend your hard earned cash with this person?

Put together your books and your pens. Just as a construction worker has a hammer and saw as his tools, your books and pens are your tools. You wouldn’t hire someone to fix your house if they had to borrow tools from you or your neighbors, and the guests won’t want to buy from you if you’re not prepared. Keep your desk and your surrounding area clean and clutter free. There should be no books, papers, or other tools on the table at this time. Guests appreciate a person as well as a company thats clean and organized. Stay clean and organized.

Keep your mind on your money. It is now time to work. All of the problems you have in your life, the fight you had with your significant other, and the daily stresses we all have will wait until after you get off work. Leave them at the front door of the office when you come to work. You are in charge of how much money you can make and no one cares whether you are successful or not. Are you 100% ready to give your best shot to your guests? If you believe you can, you can.





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