The warm up is designed to relax the guest.  By offering hospitality, finding a commonality and interacting with our guests, we begin to diminish their sales resistance and anxiety.

The warm up is like a first date. If you were on a date with someone you had just met, and you really liked them, you would first make them relaxed and comfortable. Next you would want to find out more about them by asking questions.  Asking questions is the easiest way to find out anything. You wouldn't ask these questions in an interrogation style or one right after the other. You would ask a question and then intently listen to their answer looking for conversation starter. 

One of the first questions I would ask when I was on the dating scene was how they felt about cats and dogs. I mean lets face it, if they don't like or are vicious to animals, how could they treat you any better?  If they liked cats and dogs it unlocked a commonality. Everyone likes and trusts people who are just like them. Commonality opens the door to trust, and trust, above all, is the key to all human relationships.  Consequently there can be no sale without trust. 

Since we have found something to like about the guest during the greeting, we might like to praise them on what we like about them. Everybody loves to be praised and being praised by a stranger always makes people feel good. It also makes your friendship stronger. Who could dislike someone who has just praised them about something they like about them?

Tell a little something about yourself to your guest. This doesn't mean you make the presentation all about you, nor does it mean you make up stories about yourself that aren't true. If they ever catch you in a lie, they will believe everything you have ever said, or ever will say, is a lie.

You have two ears and one mouth, and should always listen more than you speak. Telling something about yourself is a way to gain trust. You might want to tell them you're a family man or where you're from originally. Maybe you will tell them about your life to some degree. This will make them more relaxed and they will feel obligated to tell you more about them. Guests won’t listen if they think you are a mystery or just another sales person with a commission on your mind.





Where have your vacations taken you?



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While doing the warm up, you can talk about their friends and family, their occupation or profession, or their recreation. You can also talk to them about their wishes and dreams and about their motivation.

Family/Friends:  Family is one of the most important parts of any culture. Ask questions about their family. How many children do they have? How old are they? Which school are they attending? Learn to use their children to create passion. In foreign countries, many parents what to send their children to other countries to study. If you work in one of these countries, ask them which country they would like to send their children to. This will create opportunity for you to sizzle. To give them the impression in their deep heart that our products are customized for them.

Our purpose is to let them understand and accept that our product can bring benefits and goodness to their family. During this process learn how to create happiness and laughter by using your personality and humor.

Occupation or Profession: You will know their position, level, and success in their industry by talking vacations with them. After this you can have an idea of what their salary level and available income is. Ask how long they've been working. Are they safe with their job? Would they like to change their job? As a result of questions like these, you can get an overall idea about their economic level.

Recreation: Ask what they like to do in their available time. Do they enjoy sports? Do they play golf, tennis or others. If they aren't  interest in sports, ask if they would like to learn. Maybe they are interested in some modern sports like diving, snow skiing, white water rafting, etc. They may also like gambling, playing majiang or cards. Most ladies like shopping and fashion. What kind of food have they eaten? Do they want to try some new and exotic dishes.



Wishes/Dreams: Lots of people will be driven by wishes or dreams. What are their wishes and dreams?  If they could go back and meet their 12 year old self, would their 12 year old self approve of who they've become? Do they want to own the best or offer the best to their family. Do they want a better their life style?

Motivation: What motivates them in life?  What motivated them to come to our presentation and what do they expect to learn while they are here?

Acknowledge everyone: It is critical that no one be left out. You never know who the decision maker is. Maybe the unassuming mother is the person who pays for their holidays. Never assume that anyone in the group is less important than anyone else. Remember everyone’s name, especially the children.

Proper seating: Always place yourself next to the person of your own gender. You never know how jealous your guests may be. The last thing you want to create is a scenario in where they are focusing on something other than the presentation we are giving.

Let the guests talk about themselves: No one is ever bored when they are doing the talking. Allow your guest to open up about where they go on holiday, what activities they like and above all, what motivates them to go.

In conclusion, a warm up is not a discovery. Often when salespeople are in a slump and desperate for sales, they begin asking discovery questions and even interrogating their clients in the warm up.  They say this is done to “See if they have anything”, but it only raises tension and stops the trust building process. In a warm up, your goal is to make a friend not to qualify them. After all, how can you successfully answer questions before you've discovered what's important to them.  Always remember that No One Cares How Much You Know, Until They Know How Much You Care!

Characteristics of a sale:

Enthusiasm = 51%

Empathy and Understanding = 20%

Manners and charm = 10%

Fun = 15%

Product knowledge = 4%


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